The TimeLine Bracelet is a visual & artistic expression of your personal as your story itself.

Your journey is a story of milestones...seminal events marked in time connected by chapters of experience. We are not defined by one day of either accomplishment or loss does not tell our story. Who we are is seen through the entire timeline of our life. Just as important as the milestones themselves are the times of growth, mourning, despair, and catharsis connecting those moments together.

random balance has designed a line of custom jewelry inspired by the people we have come to know. Just as they would appear on a timeline, the dates defining each chapter of your life are stamped onto pieces of sterling silver and affixed along a cord at intervals representing the passage of time. The TimeLine Bracelet is a wearable retelling of what brought you to the person you are today.

Patricia Moir Chevako ©2011

Your TimeLine Bracelet will consist of the sterling silver cubes (6mm square), affixed along a 3mm cord of genuine leather.  Each sterling silver cube has four sides that will be stamped accordingly... Side 1: Month,  Side 2: Day,  Side 3: two digit year,  Side 4: 1 or 2 letters.  You may also opt for having just the four digit year stamped, with each  number of the year stamped onto each of the four sides...with no corresponding letter.  This does function as a necklace or a multiple wrap bracelet. The length of your leather, or number of wraps, generally corresponds with how many dates you’ve chosen. Unless otherwise specified, they are made using the following lengths per number of dates:

           TimeLine Bracelet Sizes

  • 5 inches (1 wrap): 1-3 dates
  • 12 inches (2 wrap): 4-6 dates
  • 18 inches (3 wrap): 7-9 dates
  • 26 inches (4 wrap): 10-15 dates
  • 31 inches (5 wrap): 16-22 dates (call)
  • 37 inches (6 wrap): 23-30 dates (call)

TimeLine Bracelet Pricing

1-2 Dates: $60   3-4 Dates: $90   5-6 Dates: $135   7-9 Dates: $190   10-12 Dates: $225

 If you are purchasing this as a gift, you do not need to know the dates.  Once you place your order by phone, random balance will send a gift card to the recipient, allowing them to specify their own dates. 

 Bracelets are constructed with your choice of either, Black or Brown, genuine leather.

• We now offer 3mm sterling silver ball chain as an alternative to leather for an additional $40

For questions & ordering contact Patty or Kelly | 414.429.1429 or 414.405.7234