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We are random balance. We are two women, based out of Milwaukee, who after forging a lifelong friendship decided to start a business. It evolved over a cup of coffee at a dining room table, with five children among the two of us, a self-funded startup account and the desire to create something beautiful. One, a longtime jewelry designer influenced by philosophy and world travel, and the other a social worker destined to run a business, we have together created a balance hand crafting high quality "Made in America" jewelry. Years later, due to our broad collection of cherished friends, family and followers, we sit at that same distressed farm table, continuing to create simple, soulful and distinctly designed jewelry for everyday wear.

Inspired by the rustic quality of everyday images, we have created sterling and Thai silver charm necklaces as well as beaded wrap bracelets. The construction of our sterling silver necklaces allow you to personalize each piece by selecting from our collection of Thai and sterling symbol charms or individually hand stamped initial charms. Our bracelets are constructed of all natural semi-precious stones, .999 and .925 sterling silver details and toggle style closures made using coins from around the world. The bracelets made with 108 beads, or any multiple of 9, have evolved to symbolize a mala, or set of mantra counting beads, representing the balance achieved through meditation and yoga. The significance behind the number 108 goes beyond the realm of religious practice or yoga and often occurs when humans and nature are left to randomly balance themselves.

After all... Life is a journey to find balance within, make peace with others,
and express yourself through wearable art along the way.

Patty & Kelly


Also sold at the following locations...

 |  Balimalas.com  |  Yellow Wood, Whitefish Bay, WI  |  Invivo - Milwaukee, WI
Downdogboutique.com | 

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